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Don't wait

Various life style patterns can gradually wear you down, literally, the spine is a shock absorber for EVERYTHING you do, so when segments get stuck, sometimes it won’t take much to aggravate a condition or increase inflammation at the joint.

These days with in-door sitting and minimal movement, can cause some adhesive structures to strain/sprain especially the little ligaments that attach vertebra to vertebra- so when you’re not doing much and then get up to do some thing, like shovel or clean the house or vaccum, all the sudden you’re tight and feel pain-  what now?

We can help— you may not understnad but WE DO and even though we can’t speed up time in the healing, we can help you heal BETTER and stabilize.

Do not wait days or weeks for it to “go away” because typically it does not go away, your body will compensate and eventually hit a wall.


We are specific in our approach in knowing how to relieve nerve pressure at the primary nerve root.

remember to ICE your spine 15min on