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Dr. Levi R. Arnold is certified in Dry Needling Technique.


Cost is $45 per session.


What is Dry Needling Technique?

insertion of a solid, filiform needle into the superficial (skin & fascia) and deep (muscular) layers. Target and goal, to reach specific required depth based on target muscle(s.)


Target: Myofascial Trigger Point (TPs) of hyper-reactive taut bands or nodules found in skeletal muscles that elicit a characteristic twitch response on palpation and cause referred pain.

GOAL: Decrease pain, sensitization and improve muscular function

-But what really happens? most likely effect is the down-regulation of central sensitization of the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.


How much? $45 per session.

Does insurance cover? Peninsula Chiropractic Center is non-participating provider, payment is received day of service.

We will code it and give an insurance form for patient to send into insurance.

It is considered a non-covered service for Medicare, but will code it correctly and send into medicare.